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Rakkenho Training Program

Rakkenho Training Program

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Rakkenho is Japanese form of altruistic yoga. Using the soles of the feet, the giver slowly and gently presses the receiver’s body at different pressure points until the whole body is covered. Tight and hardened muscles are thoroughly massaged, and the whole body loosens and relaxes, allowing the natural flow of healing energies. Rakkenhtreats chronic diseases and mental illness. It removes accumulated fatigue, improves energy flow and energizes the body. The Late Yugen Yamanaouchi, the founder of Rakkenh, was a priest from the Shingon Esoteric Buddhist tradition. He is also a master baker, artist, writer, and teacher of life. Yamanouchi Sensei used to live at Tokoji Temple in Nara, Japan, where he runs the RakkenhHeadquarters Dojo. 

Why learn Rakkenho?

The regular practice of Rakkenhenables one to experience health and longevity. Rakkenho teaches us to how to live simple and healthily with others. When you deepen your experience of Rakkenhyou will find that giving Rakkenhto others eases your own mind and empowers you.

  • Rakkenho is a sustainable, eco-friendly, and effective form of massage that does not require any special tools or oils.
  • It stimulates many acupressure points on the sole of the foot, improving circulation and body strength.
  • It aids in body and energy cleansing, promoting a longer and healthier life without unnecessary visits to doctors and even helps to cure a range of ailments.
  • Practicing Rakkenho with a partner promotes peace and encourages dialogue, making us less hostile.
  • Rakkenho teaches us how to live simply and healthily in harmony with others and helps us realize that we are all part of One Consciousness.

Eligibility : 

  • Age criteria 18 to 60 yrs.

  • Candidates above 60 years interested to do the program will need to get interviewed by the trainer before enrollment.

  • Candidate should not be more than 90 Kg.

  • The candidate should be physically fit and mentally strong.

  • Fit enough to stand for long periods.

  • Pregnant women to avoid Rakkenho training as well as therapy.

  • In case of surgery, six-month rest is advised before commencing the course.

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