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Sri Sri Wellbeing

Osteopathy - Duration: 60 minutes

Osteopathy - Duration: 60 minutes


An internationally recognized, holistic, non-invasive, drug-free and highly effective form of therapy.

In most cases, structural problems in the body start developing many years before any symptoms show up. If these alterations in the structure are not treated, they can, in the long term, affect the nervous system, the circulatory system, the functioning of the organs, posture and overall health. An Osteopath will identify and treat these misalignments before they progress to becoming health issues.


  • Correct your Posture and find relief from spinal dysfunction.
  • Find relief from Chronic pain and headaches/migraines. 
  • Helps in treating Asthma, breathing problems, sinusitis. 
  • Strengthens your immune system 
  • Experience relief from Joint pain and body stiffness. 
  • Manage Hormonal issues (menstrual issues).

Duration: 60 minutes

Note: To avail this therapy prior consultation with the doctor is mandatory. 

For more Information contact: 080 68944565

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