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Welcome to the "Empower your ENERGY, ELEMENTS & EMOTIONS" Workshop!

Join us for a transformative experience as we guide you on a journey of healing and self-discovery. Dr. Richa Datta Srivastava, an experienced MBBS and Expert Osteopath, will be your trusted guide throughout this workshop.

Upgrade Your Health with Self-Help Osteopathy Techniques Discover the power of self-help Osteopathy techniques (SHOTs) to enhance your well-being. Through guided stretches, body-mind awareness, breathwork, and meditations rooted in Osteopathy, Yoga, and ancient wisdom, you will unlock your potential for holistic healing.

Key Benefits & Takeaways Prepare to experience profound benefits and take away valuable knowledge from this workshop:

  • Empower your energy, emotions & elements! Gain the tools to tap into your inner power and enhance your overall well-being.
  • Relearn to walk & experience the benefits. Explore a set of 12 exercises designed to realign your body-mind complex, rejuvenate your senses, and balance your meridians.
  • Learn self-help Osteopathy techniques (SHOTs) to release stuck energy and stiffness throughout your body-mind complex, promoting greater flexibility and vitality.
  • Find relief from joint pain and stiffness in areas like your back, neck, knees, and feet. Discover effective self-help Osteopathy techniques (SHOTs) to alleviate discomfort and improve mobility.
  • Explore holistic stretches that unwind the fascia throughout your body, promoting relaxation and restoration.
  • Strengthen your core and align your spine, establishing a solid foundation for physical and energetic well-being.
  • Acquire techniques to improve the vitality of your organs, supporting their optimal functioning.
  • Experience face fascial release and lymphatic flow techniques to release tension and rejuvenate your facial appearance.

Some Unique Experiences Immerse yourself in extraordinary practices that will leave you feeling balanced, centered, and revitalized:

  • Guided meditation for balancing nerve centers (chakras), elements, and senses. Cultivate mental and emotional well-being through the power of meditation.
  • Explore a unique guided meditation for pain, where you'll discover powerful methods to transform pain into pleasure. Experience the mind-body connection and unlock your body's natural healing abilities.

Online Workshop: 26th to 28th Sept | 7PM to 9PM

Offline Workshop: 30th Sept to 1st Oct | 11AM to 1PM

Offline Workshop Venue: *903, 9th floor, Supertech Supernova, Astralis Tower,  Sector 94, Noida,* Uttar Pradesh 201313

Google Map Link:

Don't miss this opportunity to empower yourself and embark on a transformative journey towards holistic well-being. Join us for the "Empower your ENERGY, ELEMENTS & EMOTIONS" Workshop with Dr. Richa Datta Srivastava, and open yourself up to infinite possibilities for growth and vitality.

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