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Craniosacral Therapy - CST - Duration 45 mins

Craniosacral Therapy - CST - Duration 45 mins

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The non-invasive, healing process that works through gentle touch to release stress, disturbance, injury, and deep-seated trauma.

CST is a holistic technique that works through the various levels in the body impacting the musculoskeletal, nervous, cardio-vascular, circulatory, and immune systems as well as the organs, tissues, and fasciae. It triggers the body’s self-healing mechanisms to relieve diseases, symptoms, and root causes.


  • Aids in pain relief.
  • Encourages balance and restoration in the internal organs
  • Can help with a range of health issues - from spinal disorders to migraines to constipation to difficult pregnancies to insomnia.

Duration: 45 minutes

Note: To avail this therapy prior consultation with the doctor is mandatory. 

For more Information contact: 080 68944565

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