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Ayur Jagruti Training Program

Ayur Jagruti Training Program

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Ayur Jagruti is a holistic wellness workshop based on Ayurveda and Yoga. The program shares an understanding of the body and its fundamental principles, thus bringing a participant closer to the laws of nature. This knowledge is key to maintaining long-term wellness.

What Ayur Jagruti does?

  • Gives you a deeper understanding of Ayurveda
  • Helps you understand the nature of your body or your prakruti
  • Helps identify the possible disturbances in the prakruti
  • Offers simple solutions to a healthy and a happy life
  • Empowers you to find your tailor-made solution
Ayur Jagruti will help you discover a holistic way of living life suitable to your unique personality type (prakruti). Amidst the hectic lifestyle of modern times, this program has solutions to offer which include:
  • Prakruti: Identifying your basic body constitution which distinguishes you from another
  • Vikruti: Understanding the imbalances susceptible to your prakruti and adjusting the imbalances
  • Supportive routine for healthy living: Creating a manageable and effective  routine or time table for your meals and work schedule. Committing to a healthy routine is rejuvenating and conducive to healing the body.  
  • Healthy food habits: Tips on nutrition through Ayurveda which can help prevent digestive and metabolic diseases. The important aspect is a lifestyle and diet plan based on your prakruti and imbalances
  • Healing mudras for various illness
  • Easing stretches for various conditions
  • Immunization and detoxification techniques that can be practiced at home

Date: 5th Oct, 2023

The Ayur Jagruti program gives you a complete understanding of the essentials of Ayurveda and its application in daily living.

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